The Ultra-Premium Domain(s) and are for Sale.

Domain Facts

  • is a 21 year old historic .COM, Registered since 1997
  • Ultra-Premium One-Word .COM
  • 4 Letter, Key-Word domain .COM (scarce and desirable)
  • Authoritative, Category-defining/ .COM
  • High Market Cap Intuitive End-User Industries
  • High Cost Per Click: CPC $15.30
  • Highly Ranked in Ad Competition
  • No other .TDL extensions available
  • Consumer Demand: a Google search of “Thin” returns 187,000,000 results
  • Package Sale Including: / / 1-833-GET-THIN / 1-833-THIN-NOW

Pricing Guidance

The seller is motivated to sell and will consider offers in the seven-figure range.

End Users

THIN.COM is perfect for your cutting-edge idea!  Leaders in high-end target markets include: Nutrition, Diet, Exercise Science, Health, Fitness, and Drug/Supplement Businesses.

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Benefits of Owning a Premium Domain

Owning the right domain is essential! Marketing, business strategy, and overall company success comes from owning a category defining domain. A premium .COM can change your business! Market research shows the immense value in owning a one-word global domain such as THIN.COM.  Benefits include: SEO, brand and name recognition, key leader in web dominance, credibility, cutting edge advantage in lead generation, quick accessibility, and global industry market respect.

Working with Warren Mae

Warren Mae works with innovative leaders, around the globe, to sell domains. With hands-on domain management, we strive for excellence in selling once in a lifetime domains. We are an ethical team where the customer comes first and truly believe in the transformative power of connecting with our clients. THIN.COM is a once-in a lifetime domain that we are thrilled to sell! We are happy to send you a listed of detailed comps and a valuation of this ultra-premium domain. The professionals at Warren Mae are here to develop your ideas into action, helping you succeed.